Frequently Asked Questions

Who is KameraHaus?

- KameraHaus is a high end photographic equipment dealer with over 20 years experience. We specialize in Leica, Hasselblad, Contax, Rollei and many other medium and large format brands.


How do I get a quote?

- Simply go to "Get a Quote" page, fill in our contact form with your equipment that you would like to sell. Don't forget to include your contact information.


How should I describe my item?

- Try to be as specific as you can. A good description should contain both cosmetic and mechanical condition as well as the accessories bundled.For Example:

 "Leica M6 TTL Camera, Serial #3223453, 9 condition, some light scratches at the base plate, intact leather coating, clear and bright viewfinder, accurate meter, shutter works at all speeds, some bright marks on top plate, little strap wear, comes with original box, instructions and strap."


"Hasselblad 80mm Planar CF Lens, Serial #232221, 7 condition, clean glass, scratches on the barrel, ding on the bayonet, moderate fungus in the middle element, shows some separation, shutter works at all speeds except f16, includes original box, pouch and papers"


How do you evaluate?

- We evaluate your equipment depending on condition, market value and accompanied accessories.


I want to sell you my equipment. How do I ship?

- Upon agreeing on the numbers, we will send you a UPS shipping label via e-mail. Just print the label, put it on your box and ship it to us.


Can I ship you the item via another courier?

We prefer UPS for security and traceability. However, you're welcome to ship your equipment via another courier. Just make sure that you add insurance. We will refund you the shipping charges on your check.


What happens after you receive my equipment?

- We will inspect your shipment to verify the items and their condition. We then contact you to confirm our quote.


What if my equipment doesn't match my description?

- Most of our customers rate their equipment conservatively and give proper descriptions. We definitely won't argue over 3 scratches instead of 2. However, there may be times that a major problem can be overlooked (like a jammed shutter, cracked glass, non-working function etc.) In such case, we will contact you and offer a new quote when possible


What if I disagree with your revised quote?

- You can cancel the sale and we will ship back your equipment via UPS fully insured - For Free.


How do you pay?

- We pay via Check, Paypal, Moneybookers and Bank wire transfer.


When will I receive my payment?

- We usually send the payments within one business day of item reception. Checks go out via UPS, Paypal and Moneybookers go out immediately.


Do I pay any shipping?

- No. You absolutely don't pay any shipping for any of your shipments from/to Kamerahaus.




- Great service, received my check next day.

Adam A. - Florida


- I sent my lens on Monday, received my paypal payment Tuesday afternoon. What else can you ask?

Frank G. - New Jersey


- Easiest selling experience ever! These guys are irreplaceable!

Nancy D. - California


- Fast service, easy process, good value for my Leica M7. I recommend KameraHaus anyone.

Bashir Y. - New York


- Thank you for your excellent service.

Sharon E. - Utah